About Us

A very Warm Welcome to Lifegift Global.
We wish to Congratulate you in advance because your journey to Financial abundance and Ceaseless Food supply just began the Moment you typed www.lifegiftfoundation.org! On this platform, there’s NO limit to your TRANSFORMATION. Once again, Welcome to a World of Endless Possibilities.

Lifegift Global is a multi-level marketing company with a burning desire to Dismantle the structures of HUNGER and POVERTY! It is no longer News that HUNGER NOT NUCLEAR Weapons has emerged as the Greatest Weapon of Mass Destruction. According to Mohandas Gandhi, There’s enough on this planet for everyone’s needs but not for everyone’s greed.”

Lifegift Global is not just committed to the Ceaseless supply of Food and Household items alone but also ensures that Our People have CASH in abundance to meet other demanding needs of Life.

What we offer you is a Lifetime opportunity to say a Permanent Good Bye to To Poverty and Hunger, a chance to enjoy an enduring Reward system not only guarantees Food Security but Financial abundance.

We are diligently determined to accomplish both Nutritional and Financial empowerment beyond the borders of Nigeria but the African Continent at Large! For this reason, We are kick-starting our African Mission in the next few weeks! Our Mission is to build a World where Hunger and Poverty are extinct, YES WE CAN!