LGG Kano Business Summit

LGG Kano Business Summit

The City of Kano is painted red with food items. No other can do that other than Life Gift.

Two weeks gone in the Back to Kano Business Summit and now the Grand Finale is here!

How would you like to make money from the comfort of your home?_

How about if I tell you that membership of Life Gift Global will earn you millions without your effort whatsoever?_ NO REFFERAL.

Did you know it’s easy to access soft loans from our bankers without collectral as a member?
Have u been told that Jobs, contracts and business connections are the oil we eat our yam with in this company? Come and eat with us.

Venue: Int’l Hotel (Executive Wing), No. 28-34 Enugu Road By Igbo Road, Sabon Gari Kano.

Date: Saturday, July 13th, Time: 9am (English Session)
3pm (Hausa Session)
Sunday June 30th, Time 2pm (English & Hausa Session)._

Gate Fee: 3k (Membership code and refreshment inclusive)

Don’t be told‍♂

Open your mouth and Earn Big

Open your mouth and Earn Big

“A Closed mouth, they say it’s a closed destiny”. When we introduced Life Gift Global Ltd to you, we said it is a Non-refferal system. Yes it is. And it’s not about to change. Nevertheless, we never said its “a Closed mouth System”. Here is the difference, Refferal systems are known to be COMPULSORY referrals – which means if you don’t reffer nothing for you
Our own no dey like that oh.

However, there is what I choose to call “Open your mouth” It simply means you are not under compulsion to do refferal, but who said you can not open your mouth and testify or tell someone about Life Gift since we are not a cult group? Where your treasure is isn’t it where your mind should be? May be in the past you didn’t have a reason to do so, but with the new Segmented Matrix System (SMS), I bet you can’t wait.

Watchout for the next broadcast titled Segmented Matrix in Numbers.

You must be wealthy with Life Gift.

LGG Loan

LGG Loan

We won’t stop in making sure you have a better life. Your happiness is our joy and your wealth is our pride. This is why we went the extra mile to see that you get a facility without collectral from our bankers for your business. We never try?

Anyway we are just starting. What we have in stock for you eh? Probably eyes have not seen nor ears heard. Just stick with us putting on your garment of patience and see that what God cannot do, doest not exist.

Start applying now.

Chat Favour on 08146452134

LGG Black Friday

LGG Black Friday

Yes! You asked for it. Now its here. It’s our Black Friday in March.
We understand your plight. We know how hard the economy may be biting, so we decided to lend our support as part of our benevolence in alleviating the suffering of the masses.
1. You can now become a member of LGG by simply paying for membership fee at a 20% discount and still get your welcome pack in full. Stay away from hunger and get into the abundance of food items supply for life.

2. Are you still owing in your membership fee? Hakuna Matata, you can now offset that which you owe with a 20% ddiscount to start enjoying other membership benefit including soft loans, contract opportunities, etc.

3. Do you intend to upgrade? There can be no better time than now. Upgrade and take charge including the opportunity to grab a HOT SLOT! all at a 20% discount.

So quickly make that move now and you will be glad you did.

Cost of Food Stuffs on the Increase

Cost of Food Stuffs on the Increase

It’s hitting up. We are all praying for the situation in this economy not to totally get out of hands. Would you just fold your hands, watch and keep hoping that things will turn around? We know it will, but do u know when?
So, how about being a little proactive, like the ant and save for the rainy day? This is why we have the Life Gift Cooperative – LGC.

We have looked into the future and have seen that the seed of Early bird membership planted today will come with a bomper harvest.
Don’t be told.
Join us Now.
Call Favour on 08146452134

or Joseph on 09062118008

LGG Early Bird

LGG Early Bird

The clock is ticking fast. Our Bird has raised her wings. She’s gonna fly away on the 9th of March. What would you miss if you are not on the Early Bird list.

1. You won’t have the choice of what kind of food items you desire, unlike the Early Bird. You will be giving whatever others get.
2. The Free waybill of your food items will be subject to the company’s discretion. Meaning that the company is NOT under any obligation to waybill your food items for free, unlike the Early Birds.
3. You can not request for your food items earlier than the month of December, unlike the Early Bird who could request from mid Nov.
4. In the case of cooperative loans, you will not be among the first to be considered, unlike the Early bird.
Therefore pls do not let this Bird fly away without your name on the list.

Pay to:
Life Gift Global Ltd,
Shere your payment evidence with Joseph – 09062118008

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