Members pls read again🙏

Day 1. Hit the ground running. The registrars has vowed to push (work on ONLY) the accounts whose admin fee has been paid. Would u blame them? A labourer is worthy of his reward. The option is for you to fire him or her and do it yourself.

Day 2. Keep running. When your account is the only account being pushed on the group you are bound to over take those not pushed. (Now allowed). It means u will run faster and move closer to the the N48mil mark for the Business classes and 24mil mark for the economy.

Day 3. Wouldn’t mind the ‘subsidy’ removal. Yes, after the management removed the ‘earning subsidy’ which is earning report publishing, with your login details you won’t mind anymore since u can log in and view ur status anytime anywhere

Day 4. Shall partake in the ‘LGG Paliatives’. Since u are among the only ones whose account will be pushed to qualifications, it means that your earnings will now be faster than before.

We love to see U wealthy

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