Qs. Would I be among the first to receive my food items if I join make the Early Bird List?
Ans: _Absolutely. Early birds will be treated special in everything including food items delivery.

Qs. About the Cooperative Loan, if I make the Early Bird list, would I be considered.
Ans: Yes you will have 80% chance of getting the cooperative loan ESPECIALLY if you belong to the 10k category and you made the list

Qs. I understand that Early Bird members might get even Live Stock amongst their food items.
Ans. Yes especially if you have more than one slot on the 10k category.

Qs. Can Early Bird members choose the food items they desire?
Ans. That is one special privilege Early Bird members do have. Each member of the Early Bird can request for the kind of food items he/she wants

Qs. What makes you an Early Bird?
Ans. The completion of your 12 months payment before Feb 14th makes you an Early Bird.

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