That’s right. Even the word ‘Impossible’ says “im’possible”.
To be successful in life is possible. To be happy in life is possible. To have a good life is possible. Life Gift can make that happen for you with God.

You don’t need a new day to start all over, you just need a new mindset.

Do you have such a mindset?

Come join us this morning as follows. We shall start with mind re-setting.

Know how to keep getting food items for free and keep earning passive income for life. Other ‘jara’ inclusive.

Did I tell you?

Again it’s the Life changing Life Gift Business Summit as below:

City Green Hotel Yola
18 Tidbe Plaza, opposite FCE Jimeta Yola, Adamawa State

Today Sat OCT., 28th @ 11 am Repeat
Tommorrow Sun OCT., 29th @ 2pm
Gate fee 3k (Refreshment inclusive)

“Don’t count the day. Make the day count ”
-Brain Tracy

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