The clock is ticking fast. Our Bird has raised her wings. She’s gonna fly away on the 9th of March. What would you miss if you are not on the Early Bird list.

1. You won’t have the choice of what kind of food items you desire, unlike the Early Bird. You will be giving whatever others get.
2. The Free waybill of your food items will be subject to the company’s discretion. Meaning that the company is NOT under any obligation to waybill your food items for free, unlike the Early Birds.
3. You can not request for your food items earlier than the month of December, unlike the Early Bird who could request from mid Nov.
4. In the case of cooperative loans, you will not be among the first to be considered, unlike the Early bird.
Therefore pls do not let this Bird fly away without your name on the list.

Pay to:
Life Gift Global Ltd,
Shere your payment evidence with Joseph – 09062118008

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