It’s a total package! Wealth plus Health. What more could you ask for?
With Life Gift Global Cooperative your own don better. 😍 See what is in stock for you:

1. Food items delivery every end of the year. 💪 Whatever you contribute monthly throughout the year, LGG would add to it and deliver food items to you FOC.💃💃💃

2. Free Health Insurance Scheme. There are two categories of monthly contributions:
A. N200 daily (or N6k monthly). This category includes Free Health Insurance.
B. N2000 monthly. With an additional 2k monthly u can access the Free Health Insurance Scheme.
3. Who Can Join?
In our magnanimity, we have extended this benevolence to all. You don’t have to be a member of LGG.
4. When Can I Join?
Now. The cooperative kicked off in June 1, 2023, and would close Dec 1, 2023. Interested persons can pay in arrears.

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LGG. touching lives with both hands

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