The 2024 Newly Improved Life Gift Cooperative is easy to join. Here are the simple steps to follow:

Step A. Choose the category(s) you would like to join:
There are three major categories as follows:

1. The 10k per month category comes with a free Health insurance scheme.
2. The 6k per month category also comes with a Free Health Insurance Scheme
3. The 2k monthly cooperative doesn’t come with Health Insurance Scheme.

You can belong to the 3 categories and also take as many slots as u desire.

Step B. Make payment to :
Life Gift Global Ltd,
Sterling Bank.

Step C. Share your evidence of payment with Joseph (09062118008) and tell him your location or where u wish to receive the food items come December.

Step D. Ask Jessica (09076046604), to add you on the 2024 Cooperative Whatsapp platform. This is very important bcss all info on the cooperative will be posted there ALONE.

Do it now👍😊

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