The difference like they say is ‘7 up’😁

LGG still stand by her words ‘NO REFERRAL’ needed BEFORE U EVER EARN unlike other network marketing companies.

COMPULSORY referral makes you work your head off if you must earn or you will remain where you are. No option.
VOLUNTARY asks you to take the back seat and do NOTHING. U only do if you wish to. No be by force.
Voluntary referral has always been there in LGG, u can’t take it away from any organisation.

Most persons joined LGG because their friends or family members did and yet they got nothing for it🤦‍♂️. We feel your pain. We are sorry. So we have NOW introduced a Super reward for YOU.

You can now hit the N5.6million or even the N48milion with very few persons that join us in your name💃. No other network could do that for you.

This is made possible because in the past 6yrs most of you through the NON-REFERRAL system in LGG has accumulated a lot of downline that only a little effort is needed for you to fly✈️✈️😎
Get on it now.

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