During the 2023 cooperative we experienced some hitches while delivering the food items in December. Reason being that distribution started 2weeks to the end of the year due to Members who could not complete their payments till same second week in December.

Even thou we covered 20 states within two weeks which is highly commendable as people testified, but we were not satisfied. It was a pilot system last year and we learnt from it.

Now we have vowed it won’t happen again with your help. There will be a Reward for those who will help us to achieve this goal by making complete payment for whole year on or before Feb 14th.

We will show you much love during the food distribution in December. You will get almost 50% more than what your equals will receive. This will be easy for us to do hence we can target and buy at a lower price for you within the year.

That is what we call the EARLY BIRD benefits.
Be part of it now.

Simply choose your category and pay for the whole year upfront.

Do not delay in making a positive decision by joining the Cooperative Early Bird this 2024.😁

Did I tell you? All those who made it to the Early Bird list have the following additional advantage apart from getting more food items than others:

1. Early Birds can send to us the list of food items they desire (including live stock if resident in Abuja).😱

2. Early birds can demand for their food items from the middle of November if they so wish and it will be delivered to them.

3. Early Birds MAY have the food items delivered to their doorsteps (T&C applied depending on how easy it is to locate the resident)

4. Early Birds will form part of the Cooperative Executive in qualifying members for cooperative loan.

May God give you all the enablement to make the Early birth list which closes Feb. 14 (Valentine day)😍😁

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