HOT SLOTS are simply positions taking my members in the past on the group list of the Fast Tract category concerned. Usually if you participate in the seminar, you will have an opportunity to pay off your membership registration by instalment. Meaning you will be registered with the company’s money and then you pay off gradually within four months grace period. However, some don’t meet up within the 4 four months.

They are downgraded and those positions previously occupied then becomes vacant after the down grade and are tagged HOT SLOT. In some other cases , the occupants of such position upgraded to a higher category. Once you upgrade you are taking off that category to the higher category thereby making your previous category vacant.


1. Downline Take over.
All the HOT SLOTS have accumulated great number of downlines due to how long they have been on the system. Taking them over also mean acquiring those downlines.

2. Accrued Benefits

No doubt all the Hot slots especially the Hotest of them all (the ones at the top) has some unclaimed benefits. That becomes yours the moment you grab it. You can call or chat us up to know the exact amount of benefit on any Hot Slot before taking it over.

Accelerated Earnings.
Under the new Segmented Matrix Policy (SMP), most of the HOTSLOTS required either one or two accounts more to move to the next level which means more earning. You can also enquire on how many accounts the Hot Slot is left with to move to another stage before your purchase. The joy of this system is earning within a short time. That is what Hot Slot can do for you.

With respect to the above, I wish to inform you all of the following available positions as follow:

SKY Team (1m category)

9 Hot slots are available in Flying Stage.
You will earn 411k worth of food items Plus A Heavy Weight Stock fish and land in Flying stage immediately Completion of the flying stage gives you a car or 5.6m. From that point all u need to complete the flying stage is 9 accounts.

ROCKET Team (500k category)

13 Hot Slots are available in Flying Stage.
You will earn instantly 291k worth of food items and hit the Flying Stage Immediately. On Flying Stage, once 35 accounts come under you, you will earn a car or 5.6m.

JET Team (250k Category)

18 Accounts are available on Take of Stage
You will earn 88k worth of food items instantly and move to Take off stage immediately.
While on take off stage, if only two accounts are added under you, you will hit Flying Stage earning 144k. At the completion of Flying stage with just 39 accounts added under you, u will earn the car or 5.6Mil.

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